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Teeth whitening in 40258

People have had problems with their tooth coloring probably as long as there have been people. The only difference is that thanks to advancements in whitening technology, it’s never been easy to do something about it. Here at River Hills Dentistry, you can get your teeth whiter in just about an hour at our 40258 dental office, do it more gradually with our take-home method, or combine them for the best and longest lasting results possible. Best of all, no matter which way you go, our teeth whitening is effective and safe to use.

The process of in-office whitening is simple. Just make an appointment, come in, and our cosmetic dentist applies whitening solution to your teeth. It works immediately to break down the stains that have been covering up your brilliant smile. You’ll leave our 40258 dental office soon after with a brand new white set of teeth. Nothing could be easier. We do understand, though, that you may prefer to do your own teeth whitening at home. There are various reasons that our patients make that selection, including wanting the changes to be incremental rather than all at once. So why not do it at home with a store-bought product? You could, but those items typically do not offer the degree of noticeable results you can get with ours. In addition, they could contain abrasive ingredients, which would then put your tooth enamel at risk for damage. That’s why you’re better off getting impressions taken at our 40258 dental office, and having custom-fit whitening trays made. They automatically release the whitening solution. And in a matter of days to a couple of weeks, you’ll have your desired outcome.

There’s no reason you have to continue on with a dissatisfying smile. Contact our office to schedule your visit and you’re well on your way to restoring your natural brilliant smile.

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