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Preventive care in Louisville

With just a little bit of effort, you can succeed in preventing most, if not all, cavities and gum disease. And at River Hills Dentistry, we’re your partner in that effort, offering essential guidance for what to do on your own, along with the benefit of teeth cleaning and a complete oral examination every six months. Put together, this is a winning strategy.

There are stages of preventive care. At the very starting point is keeping sugar and starch limited in your diet. We’re talking about foods like candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, rice, and pasta; and drinks like soda and fruit juice (even if there is no added sugar). It is sugar and starch that spur the formation of dental plaque, the filmy bacteria that you can feel on your teeth when you wake up. It’s around all day and all night, though, to varying degrees, especially after you eat or drink. Our Louisville dental office recommends brushing your teeth first and last thing each day, and flossing thoroughly before bed. If possible, brush after meals, too. A teeth cleaning at our Louisville dental office will loosen and remove any tartar buildup that has formed since the last time you came in (which has hopefully six months ago). Tartar is just another form of plaque, but harder and crustier. Simple oral hygiene at home is ineffective against it, but teeth cleanings do a magnificent job of eradicating it. In the process, if you have any signs of early stage gum disease (gingivitis), the effects of it will be reversed. That’s huge, because if gum disease continues to progress, your gums, bone tissue, and even teeth are at greater risk for problems. And even if you have a cavity or two, it’s crucial to prevent them from growing larger, which may lead to toothache, infection, and even the loss of the tooth.

Look to our Louisville dental office for top notch preventive care as a vital supplement to your own efforts. Contact us now to arrange an appointment for an examination and cleaning.

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