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Cavities and gum disease are distinctly unwelcome outcomes, and if you want them to be as infrequent as possible, you need to be concerned about dental plaque, which is the filmy bacterial substance forming on and between teeth, as well as at the gum line. River Hills Dentistry will work with you to reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of dental plaque.

Where does dental plaque come from? It’s fueled by sugars and starches, so one of the more important things you can do is to keep a close eye on how much of those make it into your diet. Our Louisville dentist office is not suggesting that you attempt to eliminate sugar and starch. That is not very likely, not is it even a good idea. Instead, put limits on them. Be sure to brush your teeth at least upon waking and then again when you’re preparing to go to sleep. Even better is to also brush after meals. Floss thoroughly and vigorously between all your teeth at bedtime, too. Combine the above strategy with visits to our Louisville dentist office two times per year, where you will receive a complete oral examination to determine if dental plaque has had any impact on your oral health in the form of cavities or gum disease. Furthermore, you will get a teeth cleaning, which succeeds in reversing the signs of early stage gum disease. Equally important, the cleaning eliminates tartar buildup. Tartar forms from dental plaque that has hardened. Because of these six month checkups and cleanings, you are less prone to future cavities, and gum disease will not be able to progress and put you at risk for bleeding when you brush, receding gums, consistently bad breath, and worse.

Put a stop to the consequences of dental plaque. Just contact our Louisville dentist office to book an appointment.

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