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One of the most reassuring things you can hear when you come in for a dental examination is that you have no cavities. The goal of our office here at River Hills Dentistry is to make that the outcome of most if not all of your twice per year visits. Dental decay and the cavities that result can be prevented with proper care and attention.

The progression is that plaque and tartar cause dental decay, and then cavities form. Plaque is a filmy bacteria that erodes tooth enamel. It is essential to remove it every day, which is why you should brush first thing in the morning, and then again before bed. Flossing thoroughly is also important. Tartar is the hardened form of plaque that you get when the film evades the reach of your oral hygiene. Unfortunately, there is no efficient way to remove tartar on your own, and so you depend on our Louisville dentist. Your session every six months has two purposes regarding dental decay. First is to address any existing cavities, and second is to prevent future ones. The first goal is accomplished via a checkup and periodic x-rays that detect the tiniest of holes in your teeth. Filling them now will allow you to avoid the risks of larger cavities leading to a possible toothache or infection. And the second goal is the elimination of tartar by our Louisville dentist, as if you were hitting a reset button on your oral health. You’ll be less likely to develop more cavities after having a teeth cleaning.

The math of the situation is simple. Less dental plaque and tartar means less dental decay, which in turn means fewer cavities. And fewer cavities mean less chance of needing root canal or a tooth extraction. Call us Louisville dentist now to arrange an appointment.

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